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Pocket Pet Care

At Fitchburg Veterinary Hospital, we believe that every pet, no matter its size, deserves to live its best life. Rabbits and pocket pets are no exception.

rabbits in the pocket

Pocket Pet Care

Fitchburg Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer our many years of experience treating pocket pets and other types of pets. We look forward to providing general wellness support once a year and discussing how we can help you maintain overall health.
Fitchburg Veterinary Hospital treating pet

Pocket Pet Care

Pets brought to Fitchburg Veterinary Hospital for treatment include rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, rats, mice, guinea pigs, and ferrets. Since these species have reduced life spans, routine veterinary care is of the utmost importance that they have a healthy life. Our small mammal, avian and reptile patients benefit from a routine veterinary exam where husbandry, care and vaccines are discussed.

An annual checkup with a veterinarian will allow your pocket pet to be examined, including a thorough oral examination, for any changes that may affect his or her health. Furthermore, you should take your pocket pet to a veterinarian as soon as he or she shows signs of illness. Pocket pets, on the other hand, frequently mask signs of illness, and visible symptoms usually indicate that the disease has progressed to the point where delaying medical attention can be fatal.

Our team is experienced in nutritional support and pain management of our small mammal patients, and are here to support you when your pet is recovering from an illness or surgery.

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