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Veterinary Service

Pet Health and Travel Certificates

Our vets will issue your pet with a health certificate so they can travel in safety with you. With regard to both domestic and foreign travel, we can help.

the dog sitting outdoor on the road

Pet Health and Travel Certificates

Both domestic and international pet travel require careful planning and preparation. Be sure to call us to set up time for any required paperwork, examinations, or tests before your departure and to inquire about any unique pet requirements from your destination well in advance of your trip.

the dog sitting outdoor on the road

International Travel

Most nations need that special paperwork be filled out by a vet and brought with a pet when you go abroad. These standards are typically easy to meet, but occasionally they can be a little challenging. You must first learn about the requirements for your destination, then bring your pet and all previous veterinarian records to Fitchburg Veterinary Hospital.

Fitchburg Veterinary Hospitals USDA-accredited doctors will check the paperwork, conduct the requisite examinations, provide any pre-travel medications, and finish the relevant paperwork for you. When scheduling an appointment, request to be seen by the proper USDA-accredited veterinarian because not all of the staff veterinarians have this accreditation.

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