COVID-19 Update

In the midst of recent developments with COVID-19 (The Corona Virus), we will remain open and have implemented practices to help protect our clients and our team. Participating in these steps will be beneficial to our community at large. These plans may be updated with the changing environment surrounding the Corona Virus. We will communicate any further developments as they occur.

So far, there has not been evidence that pets are able to transmit the virus back and forth with humans and we are not concerned about handling and treating our patients. Our concern is human to human transmission. We are adjusting our practices to focus more on limiting exposure between humans. In addition to an updated cleaning protocol, we have made other options for you to get the care your companion needs.

We have two options:

Pet Only Appointment. Call or ring the doorbell on the table from the parking lot when you arrive, we will meet you outside the front door and take your pet inside for an exam. You can remain in your car during the appointment and the doctor will speak with you on the phone about your pet. We will take payment over the phone before you leave and bring your pet back to your car.

Telemedicine. A consult over the phone with email photos or videos is another way to accomplish treatment in some cases. Not all problems can be diagnosed this way and a Pet Only Appointment may be needed. Telemedicine appointments will still incur exam fees just as if you were coming to see us.

Surgical Drop Offs as a Pet Only Appointment. We can email you the paperwork to complete prior to your arrival. You may scan it and email it back to us or hand it to us outside the front door when you arrive with your pet. Pick up will be the same as a Pet Only Appointment.

Our goal is for Fitchburg Veterinary Hospital to be as safe as possible for you so your pets can still get the care, they need without risking your own health. We also want our team members to stay healthy so we can continue to provide you with the thoughtful care you have come to know with us. As always, feel free to call or email us with any questions.

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